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Christian Churches and the Left

Christian Churches and the Left by Thom Gorman

Christian Winter has reached America. The traditional biblical principles that formed the basis of our free society are being stripped away, one at a time. Gay marriages, abortion and businesses being forced to pay for birth control are commonplace and Christian churches that don’t agree with them are under attack, by the secular progressive left.

The people in Washington are no longer protecting Christians’ rights, but rather promoting anything that opposes the Judeo/Christian foundation of a society that has worked well for over two centuries. I say, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it!

Many believers are justly alarmed over reports that Christian churches are being attacked or burned to the ground in the Middle East, and that their fellow Christians are being tortured, killed and imprisoned around the world. Their only offence being that they openly display their faith.

The slippery slope of religious criticism and control that led to that type of persecution and an unknown but frightening future is taking place at this very moment, here in America.

The ability of citizens to exercise their Constitutional rights to freedom of speech and religion is being challenged daily, at school board meetings, in court cases, in hostile workplaces, and the public forum. Secularists and atheists have recently launched a new effort to remove “one nation under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

Countless small town high schools are being pressured to end prayer at sporting events by a small contingent of atheist parents or aberrant troublemakers. The current administration is increasingly using tactics of discrimination against Christian chaplains and Christians in the military who stand for traditional marriage and values.

Most alarmingly, much of the throttling of free speech and religious freedom is coming from the Constitution’s only protected franchise: the free press. Witness the attempted entrapment of Phil Roberson, of Duck Dynasty fame, a couple of years ago, by a reporter at GQ. Was Phil being interviewed for his fashionable use of camo? Not likely.

He was there to be pilloried by some slick reporter who wanted to expose his “anti-modern” values and deeply held moral concerns. When questioned about it, he gave his very open and honest views on homosexuality, gay marriages, Christian churches and race relations. A group named GLAAD was able to find something so offensive, in his innocent and honest remarks that they decided to attack his ability to make an income and feed his family.

Phil’s employer, A&E (a cable TV network) initially dropped him from the show, but quickly reversed itself under pressure from the public and the guarantee that Phil’s family would no longer allow the show to continue.
The U.S. needs the citizens to be more active in voicing their choices rather than to fall prey to the whims of a malicious and politically connected minority.

The U.S. was founded on individual rights, not on groups that have extra legal rights over individuals, gay marriages over traditional ones or Islam over Christianity. If GLAAD should continue its attack against free speech by continuing to persecute Phil Robertson or anyone else, I pray that God visits a lesson upon them and all such groups that would make them repent their sinful malice and aberrant anti-Americanism.

Thom Gorman is a content writer, whose articles appear on the Worldwide Web.